#10 Caille Richards Company

10 Caille Richards

Additional Photos and Information: 

Thanks to Union City natives and historians,  Marty and Ron Chard,  who have generously shared their collections of photos, postcards and articles for this project.
1907 Callie Richards Building
A vintage postcard showing the Caille Richards Co., The Riverside Hotel and the Broadway Bridge.
Caillie Richards advertisement page.


Arthur Caille, Company President.


Arthur Caille, Company President



caille richards
The southside of  the Caille Richards building after the Flood of 1908 takes out the Broadway Bridge.
Site of Callie-Richards - 2013
A recent photo of where the Caille Richards Co. stood. This is looking east with Veterans Memorial Park is to the right and the Gaw Center for Arts and Wellness is in the upper left hand corner.


The Caille Richards building sitting vacant.


burn 2
Caille Richards building burned as a firefighters practice session.
Firefighters look on as the building is intentionally torched.