#9 First Fire Hall

9 First Fire Hall

Additional Photos and Information:

Thanks to Union City natives and historians,  Marty and Ron Chard,  who have generously shared their collections of photos, postcards and articles for this project.


buggy in front
The front side of the firehall along High St. The wooden building on the left, a longtime blacksmith shop that building still stands today.  The twin brick buildings on the right were the Village offices and firehall. The right (west) half, the firehall was razed but the left half is still standing in 2016.


fire engine in front
The left half of this twin building still stands with much of its original interior. The right half which had been the fire hall was razed in 1970. Note the bell on top of the fire hall for calling the volunteer firemen to duty.


ron chard 5-16.jpg
The “St Joseph” as the fire engine was known races down the street.




fire house


firehouse 3
In the top photo you of this 3 photo mosaic you can see the firetruck exiting from the west half of the twin brick buildings. That half has been razed now. The east twin still stands today.


UC The Barbeque, Sept 25 1908 - 01-742216
This 1908 “Jubilee” was possibly in celebration of the completion of the “new” Broadway Bridge, replacing the one that had been lost in March of that year to the flooding.  The firehall is the taller building in the back and the blacksmith shop the building with the peaked roof just beyond.
blacksmith shop photo
Photo from in front of the blacksmith shop. The shop still stands and during a riverside clean up in 2016 several horseshoes were found behind this property.
UCMM-RC 5-16.jpg
History of the local fire department article.