#4 Coldwater River & Bridge

4 Coldwater River BridgeAdditional Photos and Information:

Thanks to Union City natives and historians,  Marty and Ron Chard,  who have generously shared their collections of photos, postcards and articles for this project.

Flood of 1908 viewed from narrow gage bridge
During 1908 flooding. The track in the foreground is the narrow gauge railway that ran from Turtle Lake, 2 miles north, hauling marl to the cement factory on the SE corner of the village. The Coldwater River spilled over its banks. The bridge is in the just right of the center of the photo.



Railroad Track overlooking the Old Creamery BW-760042
Coldwater River not at flood level. The railroad tracks in front crossing the now filled in mill race carried marl from Turtle Lake, 2 miles north to the cement factory south of town. The Coldwater River bridge is on the left side of the photo with the Union City Creamery to the right of it with the large smoke stack.


zimmerman house
Slaves followed the Coldwater River into Union City, for the second stop on the Underground Railroad.  Local blacksmith Charles Zimmerman was the self appointed station master and this was his home at the SE end of High Street.


Clarion article
Article of Union City Clarion, 2015. Zimmerman’s blacksmith shop was south of the river not far from the Coldwater Bridge.
Early map
This early map shows Zimmerman’s blacksmith shop in the lower left corner between the millrace and the river, not far from the Coldwater River which isn’t shown on the map. The “up” orientation on this map is west and the Coldwater River would’ve been just off the map in the lower left hand corner. The J.D. Zimmerman house, picture in the article above is near the center of the map along the right size of High Street. The house still stands and was the subject of quite a mystery in 2012 when old human bones were found during remodeling. See the link below.

2012 Coldwater Daily Report Article: Human bones, corset found in Union City home


Coldwater Bridge - 1 - 2012
Coldwater River Bridge c. 2015  looking from NE to SW from the Old Creamery location which most recently was Union City Industries lab location.