#15 The Flood of 1908 & Broadway Bridge “Island”

15 Flood & Island

Additional Photos and Information: 

Thanks to Union City natives and historians,  Marty and Ron Chard,  who have generously shared their collections of photos, postcards and articles for this project


Those is looking south across the St. Joe from likely to top of the firehall at the time. The Riveside hotel in the foreground with the Peerless Portland Cement Factory with the row of chimneys on the upper left horizon.


1031908 Flood - 2

1908 Flood - 4a
Looking toward the southeast from downtown. The Village power plant with the large chimney hear the corner of Crane St. and Coldwater Rd.


1908 Flood - 5a1908 Flood - 6a1908 Flood - 10

1908 Flood - constructing temp. bridge
Building a temporary swing bridge were the Broadway Bridge had been.


1908 Flood - Waters covering S. Broadway - Homes across from Jack's 39 water up to windowsbridge article

C. 1920 picture of St. Joe River Island
1920 photo of the “Broadway Bridge Island.”


Children on Swing Bridge - 1a
A temporary swing bridge was erected after the Broadway Bridge was lost.


Flood 1908 2

John Philo house with Sport the town dog - house later moved
John Philo house with Sport, the town dog.  The house was later moved.


looking north down crane st. ron chard
Looking north down Crane St.


Looking South from Collapsed Bridge - 1a
Looking south where the bridge had been.


Mill Race Bridge - Leo Bigford
This was the bridge over the millrace which was also weakened by high water and it went down when this steam engine crossed it.


North from Collapsed Bridge - 2a
Looking north across where the bridge had been.


North from Collapsed Bridge - 3
Another view to the north where the Broadway Bridge had been.