Trail Construction Photos

Heritage Water Trail Chair Val Rossman and Mark Havens scout some sites for sign posts on a fall day in 2015.


HWT Committee members Mark Havens, Litchfield and Dave Wright of Union City drive the first sign postin the Fall of 2015.


Dave and Mark drive the post for “Elkhorn Lodge.”
Mark “MacGyver” Havens. When we realized that no one around had an industrial post driver and that purchasing one hadn’t been in our budget with a couple of days notice this handy guy fashioned one for us out of “scraps.”


Erik Borne, a summer lake resident from the Chicago area is enthusiastic about being part of this project. The chair, of a large HS English department, Erik has been a valuable asset in proofing many of the signs and flyers.  He came to this area as a young boy visiting his grandparents. He was thrilled in his grown up life to venture back here  find a summer lake house. His is busy making new summer river and lake memories with his wife and 4 children.