#27 “Municipal” Pond Becomes Union Lake

27 Union Lake

Additional Photos and Information: 

Thanks to Union City natives and historians,  Marty and Ron Chard,  who have generously shared their collections of photos, postcards and articles for this project.
Aerial View of Union Lake
Aerial view of the lake looking north.


Depth contour map created in 2015 study of the lake funded by the Union Lake Community Association.
Progressive topographical maps of the lake. Note the top map prior to the dam being constructed.
Union Lake Winter--ron chard
Winter aerial view. The dam is in the lower left corner.
Weaver's Park Cabins Ron Chard--Union lake Resort (Kennedys)
Vintage photos of Weaver’s resort on the north side of the lake.
dunks tuttle_2
Looks like even John Dilinger enjoyed Union Lake. Sorry the scan missed the “rest of the story” will try to get back to the original document, a history of Union City printed for the ’76 USA Bicentennial and get the complete scan.


Union Lake at Riley Dam
Vintage photo looking east from the dam area.
Union Lake - 1
Vintage photo near the dam and north shoreline.
Cherokee Bay Ron Chard
Vintage photo of the Cherokee area and the dock at Loudens. Loudens subsequently was known as Mary’s, Burt’s Landing and Hank’s landing. It is now a private home.
deer path to owners point
This is at the south west corner of the lake. The body of water to the right is Beech Bay and it originally was a shallow rearing pond with a levy across the mouth of it. In the 60’s when Chicago developer Earl Ripstra purchased land to develop this area the levy was removed and the bay was dredged. Deer used to cross this path to the point of land in the distance known as “Owner’s Point.” If you look to the right as you enter this bay by boat you will still see a concrete abutment that was part of the levy across the bay.Another view is below.
owner's point 2 ron chard
See photo above for another view and description of this location.
Vintage photos of the Oak Grove Park area on the north east shore. These cabins still exist today.


The 4 page document below is a detailed history of the lake compiled by the now defunct Union City Betterment Association. The date is unknown but likely in the 60s or 70s.


new doc 21_1new doc 21_2new doc 21_3new doc 21_4

Link to Michigan Department of Natural Resources Summary