#17 Union City Milling & Millrace Outlet

17 Mills

Additional Photos and Information: 

Thanks to Union City natives and historians,  Marty and Ron Chard,  who have generously shared their collections of photos, postcards and articles for this project.
The mill is the building to the left, sitting where Riverview Park does today, with the mill race coming into from the south on the right. This photo is looking south.


Cora Bartlett, Josie Bartlett, Gertrude Bartlett @ Mill Dam
Cora Bartlett, Josie Bartlett and Gertrude Bartlett at the mill dam.


Early map
Early map of Union City. “Up” o this map is west. You can see the mill race along the south side of town (left side of the map).


Flour Mill - 2

Flour Mill - 1910
View of the mill looking north east with the Methodist church steeple to the left of the mill.
logo view
1942 photo of the mill.


Mill Article
2008 Article from the local paper, the Union City Clarion, by Marion Heator regarding history of the mill.


Mill Race Dam
The mill race on the west end of the mill. Looking south.


Mill Race
View of the mill race.


Another view looking toward the south.
ox roast randall milling

ROLLER MILLS, 1910 RPPC-1ronchard

UC Sawmill
There were also a sawmill located along the mill race at one time.



Union City Milling

Mill Fire 2
Photo of the spectacular fire that took down the 111 year old mill.