#22 Gerald Davison’s Hilltop House



22 Davision Hilltop House


Additional Photos and Information: 

Thanks to Union City natives and historians,  Marty and Ron Chard,  who have generously shared their collections of photos, postcards and articles for this project.

For more on Davison’s Duo Coach Trailer see also marker: #12 Riverside Hotel, Duo Coach & UCI

1966 article
Clipping from Union City 1966 Centennial Book


Clipping showing some of Davison’s trailers.


tribute article
Local newspaper clipping tribute to Davison.




camera vers 2 cropped
Hilltop House street side view c. 2016
cIphone vers. cropped
Hilltop House street side view c. 2016



Hilltop House street side view c. 2016


Greg Hull @ G. Davison
Local farmer, historian and writer Greg Hull, who is the current owner and resident  with wife Donna of the Davison home portrayed Davison in the 2011 Riverside Cemetery Ghost Tour. His text is copied below.


Page 1/3 of Greg Hull’s cemetery tour portrayal of Gerry Davison.
Page 2/3 of Greg Hull’s portrayal of Gerry Davison.
Page 3/3  of Greg Hulls portrayal of Gerry Davison.


G. Davison
Davison marker in Union City’s Riverside Cemetery.
G. Davison - 2
Davison markers in Union City Riverside Cemetery.

Thanks to Gene Ripstra (son of Earl Ripstra, Chicago area developer who had Gerald Davison build some of his unique styles along Cherokee Dr. in the mid ’60s) for the following photos:

Cherokee Dr, (Union Lake) developer Earl Ripstra had Gerry Davison construct several homes in the 1960’s. This home is now owned by Val Rossman. (south view)
Northside of the Rossman home with the foundation for another Gerry Davison home going up next door. That home is now owned by Kirk and Shelly Zell.
Interior lake view of the Rossman home when it was being built.


Zell home to the left and Rossman to the right during mid 60’s construction on Cherokee Dr. by Davison.
Chicago developer Earl Ripstra had Davison build his personal residence on Cherokee Dr. known as Gull’s Wing. It also has the Crab Orchard Stone floors and much Davison flavor. This unique home is now owned by Dan and Theresa Rothfuss.
South side view of Gull’s Wing.
Carport on Gull’s Wing.
Kitchen cooking island view of Gull’s Wing with the stone floors.
Living room view of Gulls Wing, mid 1960s.
Another living room shot of Gull’s Wing during its early days.


Another Cherokee Dr. home built by Davison. Very visible from the lake with its unique inverted V roof. This home is now owned by Keith Jenkins and wife.