#3 Randall Dam & Start of Millrace

3 Randall Dam Millrace

Additional Photos and Information:

Thanks to Union City natives and historians,  Marty and Ron Chard  who have generously shared their collections of photos, postcards and articles for this project.

Mill Race enhanced and cropped
Early map of the mill race.  Notice semicircular channel north of Coldwater Rd.  Neither of these exists today.
mill race ron chard
Another early map showing the rail line to the south east and the millrace  with a second small pond just east of South Broadway Street. While the mill race was filled in in the early 2000’s as of 2016 it still showed up on Google Maps.


Mill Race Dam - 1907 - 1a
Randall dam on the Coldwater River. It was removed in 2002.


Another shot of the Randall Dam on the Coldwater River with the railroad trestle in the background.


Old Mill Race E - 2013

  • Old Mill Race W - 2013
    2013 photo behind Jack’s grocery looking west at the filled in bed of the mill race.

    drowning article