#2 J.P. Palmer Launch and Railroad Trestle


2 PalmerAdditional Photos and Information:

Thanks to Union City natives and historians,  Marty and Ron Chard  who have generously shared their collections of photos, postcards and articles for this project.


James P Palmer  Article from Newspaper

James P Palmer  Newspaper Article


J.P. Palmer at campsite newr Burlington
The artist J.P. Palmer, center,  encamped along the St. Joe River in Burlington.


Daughters - young
The three daughters of J.P. Palmer.



Daughters - old
J.P. Palmer’s daughters at a later age.


Cropped Image.jpg
One of the many paintings JP Palmer made of the Randall dam and the railroad trestle on the southeast corner of Union City.
Another of JP Palmer’s river scenes.





cropped painint
An example of one of the many landscapes of area waterways as captured by late 1800s and early 1900s artist, J.P. Palmer. While being world renowned, he preferred the simple life in the village of Union City.
Riley Dam, at the west end of the Union City Heritage Trail as painted by J.P. Palmer.
J.P. Palmer
J.P. Palmer
Palmer Painting
An area mill as painted by J.P. Palmer.



Clarion Palmer Article.jpg
2015 Union City Clarion Article




Palmer Proclmation
Proclamation presented at ribbon cutting ceremony July 3, 2016


Union City Once Had a RR.jpg
Article from 2016 Union City Clarion.


1925 Detroit Free Press--Bobbie Mathis.jpg
1925 Detroit Free Press