#28 Riley Dam and Trail End

28 Riley Dam and End

Additional Photos and Information: 

Thanks to Union City natives and historians,  Marty and Ron Chard,  who have generously shared their collections of photos, postcards and articles for this project.

For additional dam information see: #27 “Municipal” Pond Becomes Union Lake

Photo from the Detroit News 1955.


Construction of the dam from the west (downstream) view.
Construction of the dam from the south (downstream) view.
dam construction
Early construction of the dam.
dam east
Vintage view looking south on the upstream side of the dam. This is approximately where the new kayak/canoe portage is today.
dam from west
Vintage postcard looking east (downstream side) of the dam.
Artist J.P. Palmers depiction of the dam. For more on J.P. Palmer see historic marker #2.
ron chard
Vintage photo of the dam looking northwest from the upstream side. Fishing from the top of the structure is no longer allowed and the area is now heavily fenced.
66 dam council_1
p. 1/1 from a 1966 book published for Union City’s Centennial.  Continued below.
66 dam council_2
p. 2/2 of article in 1966 Union City Centennial book.

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Architects drawing of Riley Dam
Architects drawing of the dam.


Dam frozen over in winter - CopyRiley Dam - 1aRiley Dam - 2aRiley Dam - 5aRiley Dam - 8 - CopyRiley Dam - 11  - CopyRiley Dam - 11Riley Dam - 12aRiley Dam - 13b - Trudgeon's Post CardRiley Dam - 22 - 2012Riley Dam - 23 - 2012Riley Dam c. 1900 - 9bRiley Dam Fish Chute - Postmark 1944 - Fish Chute added

Riley Dam shorly after completion
Dam shortly after completion.
Dam Council Plaque - Vet Park
Plaque to the “Dam Council” in Veterans Park in Union City.


Stump Removal articleRiley Dam shorly after completion

The following images are from the celebration and dedication of the dam in August 1923.